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Megan Benitez

Board Member, GMU Study Abroad Scholarship

Megan Benitez and KK became immediate friends during Soccer pre-season at George Mason University. They supported each other as teammates, roommates, and classmates. These great friends took their adventures to Milan and traveled throughout the world in 2015 in the GMU Study Abroad Program. “KK and I shared our personal and professional aspirations with one another, and constantly cheered each other on as we brought our visions to life.” Today, Benitez serves as the Development Officer for a Financial Planning firm in D.C. “Kaeley’s success with Cowbell Kitchen inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself. She brought her vision to life and made the community a better place.” Megan is grateful for the opportunity to keep KK’s bright spirit alive through the Love, KK foundation.

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