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Katie Printz

Board Member, Treasurer, Fundraising

Katie Printz can trace her friendship with KK from their earliest days of elementary school to their launch into adulthood. “We were always very supportive of each other. KK was the first person that called me when I moved into my first solo apartment. She is the reason that we were close,” Katie remembers, and acknowledges that she tries to intertwine KK’s carefree spirit with her own Type A tendencies. Now an environmental engineer for a consulting firm in Herndon, Virginia, Katie specializes in water and wastewater design. In Printz’s role as treasurer for Love, KK, she combines her knack for logistics with the passion for local community that she learned from Kaeley. “Her dream relied on community support, so it is imperative to me to keep that community support alive and thriving through Love, KK.”

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