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2023 Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship

Love, KK believes that those with an entrepreneurial mindset are in-tune with their passion, always questioning how it can be done better, open to change and all possibilities, and above all execute even when there are risks.  We welcome all Potomac Falls High School seniors with an Entrepreneurial Spirit mindset to apply for the 2021 scholarship :) Good Luck!


This application must be entered in a single session. 

  1. Compose your answers to the following questions: 
    Describe a new or interesting business idea. (500 chars)
    Discuss why small businesses are important to the overall economy. (500 chars)
    Explain your overall plan for establishing your business based on your idea, including what will be required to make it successful. (1500 chars)
    Describe any steps to put your plan into action. (1000 chars)

  2. Ask someone to write a letter of recommendation for you and email it to

  3. Fill out and submit this online application by April 15, 2021

How will you use the scholarship funds
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