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Small Business Application for Internship

The Love, KK Internship project is a partnership between Love,KK and a Loudoun county small business. Love, KK provides the funding, the small business provides the learning experience. 

How it works:

  • A local small business wishing to provide a learning experience submits the Small Business Application for Internship (this form) and identifies the intern​ (Note: The internship does not replace an employee, it provides training and mentor-ship and real world experience)

  • Love, KK board reviews application and Love, KK available funds.  A vote is conducted and small business is notified of the results of the vote ​

  • Small businesses and Love, KK agree to terms in the Love, KK Internship Funding Agreement​

  • Small Business provides learning experience and Love, KK provides funding in accordance with the Internship agreement

  • Love, KK provides conducts mid cycle and final reviews

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